Finding things to do around Cairo can be especially difficult (not that we mind going out to eat every day!) But like everything else in Cairo, all you need to do is a little digging and you’ll find your way through. We’ve gathered different places for you to enjoy some music with your friends. Here’s 9 different places you can go to dance, sing along or chill out. Because we believe in going back to our roots and heading to local resources for everything we can, music shouldn’t be an exception. A daily companion and great inspiration, music is important at the Up-fuse‘s studio, especially if we’re supporting local talent!

And to help you get ready, we’ve even paired each venue with a bag from Up-Fuse, so you can support local artists in locally-made accessories!

1. ROOM Art Space & Cafe
ROOM recently launched a very popular #KeepTheMusicPlaying series to save their space and all of us craving live music here in Cairo. Their venue is cozy but spacious and there line up is always interesting. They bring the best of Cairo’s underground music scene.

Picture courtesy of Room Art Space’s Facebook page.

Location: Garden City
What to expect: Everything! From 90s covers to and Egyptian marching band, there’s no set schedule.
The bag: A gorgeous backpack to suit the artsy environment.

2. Yellow Umbrella
This rooftop venue will have you dancing and singing along under the moonlight. There’s nothing quite like Maadi and music under the stars. Their line-up will make you fall in love with Cairo all over again.

Picture courtesy of Yellow Umbrella's Facebook page.
Picture courtesy of Yellow Umbrella’s Facebook page.

Location: Maadi, on top of Baheya’s Restaurant
What to expect: Acoustic nights (usually on Monday’s) and jams on Thursday’s!
The bag: A mini will fit in perfectly with this very comfortable scene.

3. Magnolia, Leaves of Art
Although Magnolia isn’t the first place we’d think of when it comes to music (because they’re great at just about anything else), they’re music performances are definitely unique. Even though the music events are infrequent, they’re great when you catch them! The place is friendly and the drive is totally worth it.

Picture courtesy of Magnolia’s Facebook page.

Location: Zamalek
What to expect: Like their Facebook page to stay up to date.
The bag: You will love this place so much, you’ll need your laptop to have something to do before and after the concert.

4. Bikya Bookstores
Bikya seems to have been around forever and has a very special place in all our hearts. It’s the best place to do just about anything, so when they pull off a show, THEY PULL OFF A SHOW. There’s no fixed schedule unfortunately, but visiting the place is worth it anyway.

Picture courtesy of Sallie Pisch Photography’s Facebook page.

Location: Nasr City
What to expect: Watch out for viral events on Facebook!
The bag: Because this is also the perfect study spot, you’ll need your pencil case with you.

5. Cairo Jazz Club
This is one had to be included in this list being the cornerstone of the music scene in Cairo. If you fancy a drink (or two- no judgments) and like to get dressed up then this is the place for you!

Picture courtesy of Cairo Jazz Club’s Facebook page.

Location: Agouza
What to expect: Someone new. Every. Single. Night.
The bag: This dressy location will give the perfect excuse to wear your fancy make-up, which you should totally store in these gorgeous pouches!

6. Zigzag
Although Zigzag’s been around for only one year, it’s definitely creating a buzz. The club brings the best of Cairo’s hip hop scenes in the heart of Cairo. It’s definitely worth the buzz, and an interesting place to visit.

Picture courtesy of Zigzag’s Facebook page.

Location: Downtown Cairo
What to expect: Check their Facebook for more details about events.
The bag: A crossbody bag is perfect for this so you don’t have anything in your way when you’re dancing.

7. Cairo Opera House
We think it’s fair to say our very Opera House is very underrated. The gorgeous place, which houses multiple venues, from theatres to gardens, brings the best of the best. Although it may take us some time to enjoy classical music, it’s never too late. Suit up!

Picture courtesy of El Opera’s Facebook page.

Location: Zamalek
What to expect: Check their website for their monthly schedules, you can also book your tickets online!
The bag: These sleek cases are the perfect accessory, bold but sophisticated all the same.

8. El Sawy Culture Wheel
I think it’s fair to say we’ve all been to Sakia at one point or the other, and we see no point in stopping now. This is the place in Cairo to go to for anything culture and arts, including music! 

Picture courtesy of El Sakia’s Facebook page.

Location: Zamalek
What to expect: At least one music gig a week.
The bag: You’ll probably need a bigger bag to fit your sketchbooks and notebooks, because that’s what everyone seems to be doing in Sakia. 

9. Darb 1718
Last year, Darb organized a series of events titled Mazzika fel Sat7, which brought together the most amazing artists, every Thursday for a couple of months. The mood was incredible and the music was enchanting. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us this year!

Picture courtesy of Darb’s Facebook page.

Location: Old Cairo
What to expect: Stay tuned!
The bag: A waist bag is perfect for this venue, so you don’t feel restricted exploring the venue.



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