5 Women In Our Lives That Deserve The Love On Mother’s Day

Everyone’s getting all cute and mushy for Mother’s Day, because of course, these women deserve all the gratitude and love in the world! To all moms out there who worked their asses off to raise you, feed you, take care of you, the house, the rest of the family, and this already excludes her everyday struggles as a woman, trying to maintain a job if she has one, and making sure you are the best you can out there!

But while everyone’s celebrating their moms, taking them out to dinner or getting her flowers, there are still those who feel left out on Mother’s Day, those who lost their child, or lost their mothers. Those who tried to have children, but were not able to. Those independent women who did not have time to make a family, or did not find their perfect partner. All these women are not less inspiring strong women than all the moms out there, we all contribute to the growth and nourishment of society one way or another.


  1. Grandmother
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    Not only do grandmothers cook the best food ever and will insist on feeding you until you literally cannot breathe, they are the kindest and purest souls on this planet. There is no one who will love you the same way your grandmother will love you. And there is no one as giving, warm or as comfortable as these women. And they deserve all the love in the world. If your grandma is in a home, or if you don’t visit her that often, pass by ready for a conversation or give her a call. Nothing will make her happier!

  2. Teachers 

We all have that one teacher who’s changed our life by giving us a certain book, introducing us to a new concept of just constantly motivated and pushed us to be the best we could be. She probably made the long school days worth it and we are almost certain showing her gratitude will go a long way and will mean the world to her.

3. Sister

Despite the fights, the fact that she steals your clothes and the many times she threatens to tell on you, you know she’s the absolute best. Sisters are guardians, they will never let you down and there is nothing better than binge watching Friends and eating french fries into the night with your sister.

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  1. Aunt
    The sarcastic aunt who makes every extended family gathering bearable with her sarcastic comments and inappropriate jokes, you gotta love her! She will fight very hard for the title ‘cool aunt’ and will go to extremes to prove it, this will include wearing hipster clothes and listening to weird music. She deserves so much because she probably loves you as much as she loves her own kids!
  2. Best Friend’s Mom
    Our best friend’s mom has cheered us on, fed us, took care of us when we were sick and scorned at us when we’ve disappointed them. They’re easy to talk to and you will go to them for advice if you need it. Our best friend’s mom has seen as at our worst and has still accepted us in her home and made sure we’ve become a permanent part of it. Life would not be the same without her.

It doesn’t matter who you celebrate on Mother’s day as long as you don’t forget to cherish those who mean the most to you. Remember, a little gesture will often go a long way. And a sustainable gift from Up Fuse will last even longer! Use the discount code Mothersday off for 15% off your Mother’s day purchase.

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