5 Ways To Contribute To a Greener Cairo

Being an environmentally conscious consumer in Egypt is not the easiest thing in the world. We are one of the dirtiest cities in the world, one of the most polluted and definitely one of the most overwhelming. Although being crowned ‘a city that doesn’t sleep’ is rewarding, it does come with its costs, most significantly, double the carbon footprint. Other countries around the world, that implicitly force their citizens to go home at earlier times are more conscious about the impact they leave in the world around them. But despite everything, there is still a way around this very demanding city; you can still be green! And here are five relatively easy ways you can do just that: 


  1. Carry your own reusable bottle

Say NO! to plastic bottles, This is an important one. Have you ever thought about the amount of plastic bottles we consume daily? especially in the summer. Plastic takes so much time to decompose, and often ends polluting our oceans. Invest in a water bottle equipped with a filter and you can fill your bottle from any tap or water dispenser around you. Not only does it keep the water cooler for a longer time, but it’s even healthier! Why? Because when you leave the water inside the plastic bottles with the change of heat, very tiny particles of the plastic dissolve into the water. There plenty of reusable bottles you can buy from super markets, and hyper markets around you!


  1. Shop local

By shopping locally, you are not only helping reduce the carbon footprint major industries leave behind, like the farming or cattle industries, you are also investing in the lives of small business owners. By investing in the local ecosystem, you will also help sustain the livelihoods of people who also believe in leading a greener life. One of our favorite places to shop is Jozee’s Boutique, who also happen to have a stock of our bags!

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  1. Care to share?

If you can borrow something instead of buying it, do it! And if you can lend someone something, do it! And if not, then buy used. Facebook is overflowing with ‘buy and sell’ groups and you are bound to find what you need if you look hard enough. It’s not that you’re only saving resources and reducing waste, but Bonus: it’s almost always cheaper! So many businesses are now based on shared economy, like Uber or AirBnb and it’s nothing to be ashamed of !(read about Sharing Economy more here)

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  1. Ask questions

Being aware about what you’re consuming is very important, and educating yourself is surely the first step to becoming a more conscious consumer. Be curious! Try to know how everything is made, where is it made and who made it? So don’t be shy, and ask all the questions you need to in order to be as green as possible with your choices. (Hint: Fashion Revolution Week is coming up! or if you’re not in Egypt check out the events happening all around the world from here)



Although we think this one is pretty obvious, we can’t forget to mention our very own sustainable, green and completely eco-friendly brand. The next time you are looking for a cool gift, looking to pamper yourself or need a sturdy bag to carry all your stuff, look no further than Upfuse!

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