5 Sustainable Gift Ideas

A loved one’s birthday is approaching or celebrating a special occasion? Why not celebrate with an unusual gift – one that’s out of the ordinary and that’s also sustainable? Here are a few ideas for a special, sustainable gift they’ll love:


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What’s beautiful about getting plants as a gift is that your loved one will always remember you as they tend to it and watch it grow. It’s also very rewarding to watch a plant growing and blooming over time – a gift that keeps on giving in a sense. Pick a flower or another green plant they love that can thrive well in their home’s environment and put it in a colorful ceramic pot or any other non-plastic pot that you know they’ll love.

Ticket/subscription for something they’ll love

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You know your loved ones best! Is there a certain film they’ve been dying to see for a while? A concert for an artist they’re obsessed about? Maybe they’ve been meaning to subscribe for a package at a yoga or dance studio? These are all perfect opportunities for you to step in and surprise them by buying them and yourself the ticket or the subscription for this thing. This way you both get to enjoy the event and celebrate together on their special day. They win, you win, and the environment wins!


Reusable coffee mug

Ceramic Travel Mug - Pottery Keep Cup - Handmade Reusable Coffee Mug - Limited Edition - Ready to Ship #mugpottery Ceramic Travel Mug - Pottery Keep Cup - Handmade Reusable Coffee Mug - Limited Edition - Ready to Sh
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If your friend is a coffee addict (or maybe they’re into another hot drink), a reusable mug would be the perfect sustainable gift for them. It’ll provide them with a zero-waste alternative for all those single-use cups they consume as they pass by their local coffeeshop every day. You can pick one with their favorite colors, patterns, or even their favorite comic book characters. Beside the sustainable element, they’ll definitely love the idea of having their own special mug to drink their morning coffee.

Handmade gift

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What’s beautiful about going for a handmade gift is that you’ll be supporting local talents and small businesses. You’ll also definitely be getting your loved one something special because of the uniqueness of handmade products – no two handmade items are identical. You can go for something they can wear, something they can use for decorating their place, or maybe a natural, locally produced, beauty product.

Make Them a Treat

This Turtle Chocolate Layer Cake starts with rich, decadent and moist chocolate cake layers that are filled with a caramel pecan sauce and covered in a smooth caramel frosting, then finished off with a caramel and ganache drip and chopped pecans!
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If you really want to go the extra mile, you can make your loved one’s favorite treat yourself. You won’t be wasting any unnecessary materials and it would be such a thoughtful gift on your part because you put your time, energy, and heart into it. Simply look up the recipe for their favorite cake, snack, or meal, make it yourself (maybe ask another friend for help) and voila!


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