About Us



We believe that small actions can make a big difference.
With plastic bags taking almost 1000 years to decompose, it is one of the main environmental issues around the globe. Especially in Egypt, we are facing daily pollution to an extreme extent – and therefore we need to make a change. Up-fuse has developed techniques to upcycle plastic bags, transforming them into sustainable fashionable bags and accessories. Reducing waste also means reusing existing waste. One bag we produce can hinder almost 30 plastic bags from being thrown away.


Find Out Who Makes Your Bag
And Who You Are Supporting

Behind each item we create stand people, who we value and know personally. Garbage collectors, artisans, designers, sewers are ALL part of Up-fuses’ local production. Up-fuse bags are sustainably produced in our in-house workshop by our talented local sewers. We constantly work together to develop and improve new products and designs. All our fashion items are produced locally.


About Mansheyt Naser

Up-fuse works with the local NGO “Roh El Shabab” in Manshayet Nasr (the “Garbage City” in Cairo) to produce the recycled plastic material. A part of our revenue goes back to the NGO to support its activities as providing education and health awareness to the Mansheyet Naser community. Currently 16 women work for Up-fuse to create our recycled material.


Social & Enviromental Impact

Throughout the production process, we adhere to our ethical approach: supporting fair and local production, creating awareness and offering solutions to current environmental issues.


Rania K. Rafie


Holding a bachelor’s degree in product design, Rania believes she can use her knowledge to make the world a better place. She is interested in upcycling, sustainability, and design. She is not only a woman entrepreneur managing a growing business, but also a mum to our youngest team member: baby Adam (and really, sometimes he is managing us, too!). With her positive energy and natural Business gene, she brings “order to the chaos.” Rania loves a happy and relaxed atmosphere, so better not spread negativity around her!


Malak Nour


Started as a big fan, and now is part of the core team! Malak is responsible for the “digital” side of Up-fuse, taking care of our website and digital media accounts. Malak is the perfect balance of fun and organized. She loves literature, anything related to content creation, a bit of photography, and of course the love for sustainability and nature.

Yara Yassin


Yara Yassin is a designer and woman pioneer. Ever since she enrolled in the International Organization for Migration to empower women on the borders through product design, Yara has found her passion for sustainability. In fact, Yara has enough passion, energy and ideas for multiple entrepreneurs! She is very eager to get things done. So, if you want to make her happy, always reply to her quickly (or in German, which she speaks “fluently”). Being the public speaker that she is, one of Yara’s favourite memories is speaking at the “Women Now” conference at the World Bank in Washington.


Lama El-Khawanky


Lama is responsible for the “magic” happening in our studio. She designs Up-fuse bags, from prototyping to their production process. Lama is as creative as she is a strong character who knows exactly what she wants. She won’t beat around the bush, but will tell you directly if your idea works or not. When Lama is not designing, you can find her eating, exercising, or just hanging out (next to the AC!) and, again, eating!