Up-fuse x Roh El Shabab NGO: Celebrating Women

The whole month of March was the month for women, from International Women’s Day to Mother’s Day (check out Mother’s Day blog here ). And as part of our partner NGO “Rouh El Shabab” is to support youth to continue their education, the NGO also supports women to continue their education as well. And as Up-fuse, we are now providing 14 women stable income to support their families, while taking hand in the upcycling process (read more about our production process here )

On the 1st of April, the NGO hosted an event celebrating all the women who are involved in the NGO’s activites around recycling, and education, as well as women who lived in Manshiat Naser’s community. Along with the teachers and the women who support and work at the NGO. 


a photo of the NGO’s team. Photo Courtesy of Roh El Shabab

The event started with a speech by Dr. Laila Iskandar, who is one of the founders of the NGO, as well as a main contributor and supported to Roh El Shabab. 


A photo of Dr. Laila giving a speech at the NGO. Photo Courtesy of Roh El Shabab

Dr. Laila was the Minister of State for Urban Renewal and Informal Settlements in Egypt from July 2014-September 2015 and before that served as Minister of State for Environmental Affairs in the two cabinets following the June 30th Revolution. Prior to holding public office she was a leading member of civil society both nationally and internationally, working with grass roots communities in informal urban settlements and deprived villages in Upper Egypt as well as being part of global networks addressing issues of Urban Poverty.

After that the Priest in Manshiat Naser’s church started to reward the most hard working mothers in Manshiat Naser’s community by giving them presents. Followed by a small musical performance by students from the NGO, singing songs and poems about their mothers.


Photo of students singing.


Photo of students performing and singing.

The NGO then awarded all the women working at the NGO, and the women engaged in the NGO’s activities.


Giving out the gifts


a group photo of the NGO team with the women

As a co-founder of Up-fuse, and a mom-to-be myself, I was touched by how the NGO appreciated the effort made by all these hard working women. As a women living in Manshiat Naser, it is very challenging as she plays a main role in supporting her family to bring income, raise her children, and tries to protect them as much as she can to not go astray. While most of the Manshiat Naser’s community work in Garbage collecting, separating, or recycling.  The women with their girls are mostly the ones separating the trash collected by the husband and the boys, which puts them even in a higher health risk. These women constantly need to be aware of how to take care of their health, and pass this out to their children as well.

And this is something that the NGO tries to bring awareness to, and something that Up-fuse constantly contributes to. All women currently working with Up-fuse in cleaning the collected plastic bags process are providing with self-care, hygiene tips, and sanitising detergents that are good for their health and for the environment.


Women attending the event

DSC 0348

Rania Rafie, Up-fuse co-founder giving a shout out

I gave a small shout out myself to all of the women attending of how strong they are, keeping up with everything work, their houses, and maintaining a living in a male-dominant society especially under the current circumstances.

Ever since I knew that I’m expecting, I became even more motivated to bring my kinds in a place that is safe, healthy, and clean. I want my kids to learn and appreciate the environment they live in, and the people they live with, to feel responsible and part of the community, and to learn that both men and women contribute to the growth of this society together.

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