The Time Up-fuse Won the WeMENA 2017 Competition!

In an incredible turn of events, Up Fuse has won the 2017 WeMena competition, a business competition that is designed to engage female entrepreneurs in the MENA region and encourage their participation in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The competition was sponsored by The World Bank, Voyaj and YouNoodle, both avid promoters of the economic integration of women in the regional economic ecosystem.

Between the 2000 women who applied, all with brilliant ideas to reshape the economic sector, only 200 applicants were selected. Among those 200 applicants, 34 of them were chosen to travel to Casablanca, Morocco and meet for the first time. For two days, the 34 selected participants were pitching. Eventually, 10 of these applicants were selected for the final pitch on the second day. And among them, four were shortlisted as finalists. And then Up-fuse won FIRST PLACE! Thanks to our incredible co-founder Yara Yassin!

In light of the incredible honor, we’d love to share with you somethings we’ve learned along the journey, one that has still not ended, of becoming entrepreneurs!

  1. Believe – This may sound very cheesy and rather typical, but that is all for good reason. How can you dedicate your life to something if you don’t believe in it? How can you work on something day in and day out if you don’t find that it truly inspires you and totally drives you?
  2. Listen – Although we do recognize that not everyone has something worth saying, and that more times than not, people will shit on your parade and will try and talk you out of whatever it is you are doing, you won’t know that until you actually listen. And there’s always something to be learnt from old men in suits who’ve been in the businesses for more years than you’ve been around.
  3. Focus – Being yourself, you are bound to have a new idea every other day! An incredible plan to change the world and an initiative that will make you a billionaire within a couple of years! But being distracted will not get you anywhere, it is more likely to even draw you back. Being organized, able to prioritize and focused is key to fighting the good fight.

We’d like to extend a warm thank you to you, for believing in us, listening to us and constantly reminding us that we need to be focused and motivated. Our Up-Fuse family is the best!

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