Up-fuse Goes to Washington DC

This month, our co-founder Yara made her way to the United States as part of her journey as a WE MENA winner! Not only did she meet a bunch of impressive people, she’s got a lot of knowledge to share from them with our very special Up Fuse community!

Yara found herself with a group of kick ass, boss ladies from the Middle East in DC earlier this month, all entrepreneurial, serious and not women you can mess with. From Egypt, Morocco, and Lebanon, whose start-ups you’ve got to check out! like Leadership Factory; offering online and offline programs by youth to youth to empower them to seize opportunities, Parttimer; an online platform for part-time job seekers, Dactara; connecting patients with doctors online, SunRay, Jaleesa, E-Com Connect and a lot of others as interesting.
“I learned from each and every one of these amazing women”  Yara Yassin says

Hosted by George Washington DC University, the ladies experienced the American student experience. The journey was awarded to these women by the World Bank, after they made contact with them last May in Casablanca, when they participated in the WE MENA competition.(Read about: The Time Up-fuse Won WeMENA Competition 2017) They are set to take over the Middle East in the next coming years, if not the entire world! Yara was also introduced to a number of rather impressive trainers and mentors, including the World Bank’s very own woman CEO, Kristalina Georgieva! and the amazing  Annamaria Konya Tannon, a technology entrepreneur an angel investor, along with many others.

So we asked Yara what were her main learnings from this inspiration travel:

  • Self-confidence; ” I learned to be more self-confident talking about Up-fuse, introducing myself not just as an entrepreneur and business owner, but also as a person and a young lady. What is it that I enjoy doing, what inspires me, what scares me. People connect to you and believe in your enterprise more, when they can relate to you as a human being”
  • Take the time to absorb everything around you; “I’m usually a but impulsive, and although this makes things exciting, but the more I become exposed to more cultures. I started to become more cautious about taking time to absorb everything that is happening around me. Not to judge people too fast, and take the time to think before making decisions”
  • We can do wonders; “Last but not least, nothing is impossible, women can do wonders, and can break through any barriers to make their dreams come true”
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