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5 Sustainable Living Podcasts We Love

We’re all trying to educate ourselves and learn more about sustainability, aren’t we? But sometimes reading a book might be too tedious, too expensive, or maybe reading isn’t just your thing (we do think reading is awesome though!). We compiled a list with some of our podcast picks for you to enjoy. They cover a lot of sustainability-related topics; from minimalism to wholesome living in general. Here goes the list:

On Being

On Being Podcast

This is a podcast that’s all about wholesome living; it explores topics about art, spirituality and science in the form of deep, meaningful conversations. It’s hosted by Krista Tippett who interviews a different guest for each episode. What we love about this podcast is how intimate its conversations are and how they delve into such big topics as: loneliness, prayer, trauma, self-reflection, and so much more. It’s like a much-needed break from every day small talk, giving you a chance to pause and reflect a little about issues that really matter and ones you might not normally think about as you go about your day.

The Minimalists

The Minimalists Podcast

This is a lively podcast that’s hosted by two guys: Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus. It’s all about “living a meaningful life with less”.  Both hosts became minimalists after having worked corporate jobs and enjoyed indulgent lifestyles; they share their experience with listeners and have very interesting with different guests throughout the episodes. This podcast is all about interaction with listeners; the hosts take in questions from listeners about minimalism and tackle them for the duration of each episode. Through Joshua and Ryan’s answers to the questions, you gain a lot of insight into minimalism, what it’s about, how to start adopting it yourself, some of the obstacles people commonly face, etc. We love how laidback yet very insightful and educational this podcast is.

Low Tox Life

Low Tox Life Podcast

This is a very inspiring podcast that’s all about leading a healthier, more wholesome lifestyle. It’s hosted by Alexx Stuart who interviews different guests each episode to talk about such a wide range of topics, like: Feng Shui, tapping, parenting, digital media, breaking bad habits, and much more. What’s great about this podcast is that wide diversity in its topics. Instead of proposing an alternative lifestyle altogether, it helps you see how you can adjust different areas of your life to make them healthier and more wholesome. We also love how it introduces us to new ideas and practices; ones that we might have never heard about before.

The Broad Experience

The Broad Experience Podcast

You can call this a “feminist” podcast in a sense. It discusses a variety of topics that are all about women and the workplace; from feminine leadership to working through menopause, this podcast has got you covered. We love how this podcast sheds light on so many undiscussed issues that us, women, face in the workplace. As a brand that’s founded by women and that employs so many female artisans, we believe that it’s very important to have open discussions about such topics. It is only through such discussions that we’ll be able to further understand and improve the experiences of women at work. This podcast is hosted by journalist Ashley Milne-Tyte.


Simple Podcast

This is a lighthearted podcast that delves deeper into topics that we take for granted, like: friendships, travel, social media, reading, etc. It’s hosted by Tsh Oxenrider who, along with her guests, takes the time to explore topics that are at the core of our lives in more depth. It’s a podcast that’s all about living well; making the best out of this life that we get to live. What we love about this podcast is that it tackles very important issues, but without being heavy. It all takes the form of an honest, casual conversation between friends.

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