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3 Places to visit in Autumn that Up-fuse loves

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November is known to be the month with the best weather in Egypt. Everyone can enjoy the autumn breeze, wear light clothes, -with a jacket maybe, but you still feel light- and go out! We, as Up-fuse, love to visit places, go on journeys and explore things out, that’s what our bags are for, after all.

Up-fuse chose 4 places to share with you to best enjoy this time of year.

  • Picnic: We love picnics because we get to enjoy the open air, bring our home-made food with us and spend time with nature, something that is known to have good benefits on our brain and body. It brings us back to our basics, spending time with friends, having a game or two.
jennie clavel G0zoYDFvUXQ unsplash

Photo Courtesy: Jennie Clavel

  • Wadi Degla Protectorate: Nature is nearer than you think: inside the city, you can go have a hike, a bike ride or a BBQ, and much more. Minutes away from Maadi, you will find yourself in the middle of a breathtaking place that was once filled by water -It was a sea 60 million years ago and is now full of fossils-. Note: Stay hydrated!
Wadi Degla Protectorate

Photo Courtesy: Ask Aladdin

  • The Pyramids: We, as a local Egyptian brand, love everything related to our country and in this chilling weather, enjoy visiting some of the pharaohs’ great works with the Great Pyramids in Giza on top of them all. We are proud to have great grandparents and, in presence of their work, are always reminded we can do more than we think of!
Our red Festival waist bag in its visit to the Great Pyramids

Our Festival waist bag in its visit to the Great Pyramids

Here comes the end of our list for Cairo, Egypt in autumn, however, we are sure you also have very good ideas for trips because you are the explorers and we love seeing our bags travelling the world with you, and getting to know the variety of places Earth has given us to see.

Our mini twin backpack in Table Mountain National Park

Our Mini Twin backpack in Table Mountain National Park.
Photo Courtesy: mylife

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Wadi Degla Protected area in Cairo Governorate.

Wadi Degla Protectorate.

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