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Qahwa X Up-fuse recycling initiative

This Christmas, we give back!

Up-Fuse & Qahwa decided to give back to the environment by creating an up-cycled Christmas tree. This collaboration will encourage people to add their cups onto the tree to help Qahwa have a Merry Christmas! The collaboration aims to create environmental awareness in regards to reusing and recycling

Up-Fuse will upcycle these carton cups into products that Qahwa can use in their operation and internal logistics.
The hard work, creativity and effort that is being integrated in creating products out of recycled material – should be translated into thinking twice before using one-time use products such as plastic bags, plastic bottles, carton cups, straws, and the list goes on. Finding alternatives to these items that harm the environment will make you feel like you are making a difference, no matter how small.

Up-Fuse, Nothing is Ever Wasted.

Backpacks (14)

Fanny Packs (9)

Lunch Bags (7)

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