#DowntownGoesGreen: A Green Eid This Year

This Eid Up-Fuse ventured on an exciting initiative with Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment called Downtown Goes Green (#DowntownGoesGreen). Armed with a lot of excitement and incredible optimism, we set out to decorate the famous Kodak Passageway in Downtown Cairo, ultimately showing the people of Downtown Cairo what sustainability looks like and giving back to the heart of Egyptian art and culture a piece of our take on art.

The idea was to fill the Kodak Passageway in Adly Street with danglers made of Up-fuse’s upcycled plastic bags material (Sabi).

The danglers were only set up a few days before Eid and the whole process took a bit longer than expected, but the entire experience itself was definitely worthwhile. Although the installation was only completed hours after midnight (precisely 4 am on a fasting day in Ramadan), we had fun all through the day despite the many obstacles we faced.

The installation runs through the entire 32 meter deep passageway, 30 lines of upcycled plastic material were hung with the help of anyone who could lend a hand, from the founders of Up-Fuse, to the two young men (the two Mahmoud’s) who spent the entire day on top of ladders to make this happen, Stopping everyone, surprised and delighted, to ask what we were doing.

Not only does the passageway look super cool and colorful because of the newly added danglers, it’s for a great cause. The danglers were upcycled using 3,240 plastic bags (that’s a lot of trips to Metro and H&M!) and their production helped create jobs for the community. The danglers were made at Roh El Shabab NGO in Manshiat Naser (the garbage city in Cairo), supporting youth who dropped out of school to continue their education and sustain their futures.

3,24o plastic bags upcycled, that’s the amount of plastic bags only one person uses and wastes on two years.

The super simple yet very attractive design manifests what we hope Up-Fuse has come to represent: a conscious expression of art. As simple as they are, they are joyous, colorful and totally impressive, proving that art doesn’t have to be limited to a frame or an art gallery, made from expensive paints or by professionals but can be made from upcycled and green materials and still look as gorgeous.

We are driven by our love for the Earth and our community, which is why not only did we help clear some of the surplus of plastic in our community, but we are also supporting 9 students to continue their education. Our philosophy on sustainability is not limited to our love for the Earth but is extended to the people who inhabit it too. And we encourage you to do the same! Eat green, shop local and use less.

We’d like to thank Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment for making this project happen (especially Moushira and Nelly who were super eager to make this project come to life), our dear friend Mounir who made the installation and production of the danglers possible, and the two Mahmoud’s (Mahmoud and Mahmoud) who hanged all the danglers and did all the installation. Each and everyone contributed a step towards a green future to us all.

If you’re ever around Cairo within this month, try to pass by 20 Adly Street, Downtown Cairo, next to Eish & Malh restaurant right in front of the Synagogue. The installation will still remain for a couple of weeks!

Take a picture and post with #DowntownGoesGreen to spread this initiative!

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