Go Plastic Free this July with Up Fuse and Take the Challenge!

July is already at doors and summer is kicking in full swing! And although this season means different things for different people (be it an excuse to have ice cream three times a day or a well deserved break from a daunting academic year), for roughly a million people around a 130 countries, it means going plastic free!


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Plastic Free July is an initiative with the purpose of encouraging people to refuse single use plastic during the month of July, which they explain is utilized only for a few minutes despite being designed to last a much longer time. Participants in the challenge #choosetorefuse single use plastic in the month of July, in hopes of decreasing their eco-footprint and in hopes of protecting the ocean.

This year, we want you to take the challenge too and go plastic free this July! So this month, we’ll be posting weekly tips to ease your transition to a plastic free month. To encourage your efforts, we’ll be giving you a 30% discount if you share your tips too so tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #upfusegoesplasticfree to take this initiative one step further!

Throughout the month, stay tuned to our blog to learn different tips and tricks to help reduce your use of single-use plastic. We’ll be giving you tips to cover your personal use, your work use, your home use and your vacation use so you have no excuse to slack behind this month! For the first week of July, we want to focus on how small changes in your day to day routine can help you go plastic free (or at least free-er) this July. Here are three basic but definitely effective tips to get you started:


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1. Forget the plastic water bottle and find a sustainable alternative. You might also want to fill up your eco-friendly water bottle with summer fruit or a refreshing mixture of citrus and mint!
2. Lunch boxes are cool AND you can find really cute ones with cupcakes, your favorite Disney character or an inspirational quote. No need to store your food in plastic when you have a perfectly valid excuse to pretend your in middle school again.


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3. Whatever it is, it probably looks cooler in a jar! The next time you need to pack something, or take it from place to place, remember to put it in a jar instead. Jars come in all sizes, and are a lot more Instagram-able than an ugly ziplock bag!

Don’t forget to share your own tips and #choosetorefuse!

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