We have ended March 2018 with an exciting trip to Vienna!

Last weekend Up-fuse has been awarded by OSCE, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. The world’s largest regional security organization honoured Up-fuse for being an eco-friendly  and sustainable business, which has a great social impact on the community in Garbage City in Cairo (read more), where it upcycles its plastic material. Out of 240 businesses, only six entrepreneurs from Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia were chosen to receive the OSCE GEMS Award. The Young entrepreneurs have proofed to be leaving a positive social impact in the Mediterranean region.

Yara Yassin receiving the OSCE GEM award
Yara Yassin receiving the OSCE award for Up-fuse

Our co-founder and design director Yara travelled to receive the award on behalf of the team and send a message to the world that with hard work, one can reach and create differences. Yara also pointed out that eco-friendly products with a social and environmental impact are today’s solutions for some economical challenges.

yara yassin talking about up-fuses mission

Many ambassadors from all over the world attended the ceremony, including the deputy ambassador of Egypt. Mrs. Hala congratulated Up-fuse during the ceremony and encouraged all Egyptian youth to take an action in solving their community challenges. She added that Up-fuse was one of her favourite businesses as it combines the social and environmental along with a profitable aspect. After the ceremony, Yara visited the Egyptian ambassador in Austria at his office in a lovely Neighbourhood in Vienna. They talked about future business challenges and opportunities.

Co-founder Yara with the Egyptian ambassador in ViennaCo-founder Yara Yassin with the Egyptian ambassador in Vienna

The trip didn’t end here, but Up-fuse will surprise you with its new Twin collection including a new revamp on the material and product details. We made use of the wonderful and historical streets in Vienna to shoot our new collection.

We couldn’t thank you enough for the support and the community you are helping us to build.
This award is not only for Up-fuse but for all of those who trusted and supported us!

Thank you
Your Up-fuse Team

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