El Gouna Film Festival, Sarrah Abdelrahman and Up-fuse

Conscious expression took a whole new dimension at El Gouna Film Festival that ended just days ago. The same way artistic projects were showcased on screen at the prestigious festival’s second edition, the glamorous outfits on the red carpet were virally showcased on social media. And a certain crop top had a big statement to make…

In collaboration with our team at Up-fuse, young Egyptian actress Sarrah Abdelrahman turned eyes everywhere as she donned the red carpet with a custom-made crop top that’s made out of upcycled plastic bags. We had the pleasure to work with Sarrah and fashion designer Esmeralda Radwan to create this statement piece that was worn at the festival. The top was made out of 30 plastic bags that were upcycled by women from “Roh El Shabab”  NGO at Manshyet Naser, whom we proudly collaborate with for all of our products.

Sarrah wanted to wear a statement piece that’d raise awareness about plastic pollution. An issue that we at Up-fuse care deeply about and that poses a major threat to our environment nowadays, affecting seas, oceans, wildlife, and much more. (You can read more about plastic pollution and how it’s affecting our seas and oceans over here).

Sarah’s bold expression of the cause she stands for serves as a very important and timely reminder for all of us to stay conscious about the choices we make. While wearing a statement top on the red carpet may not necessarily be an available option for all of us, trying to choose our clothes, furniture, make-up, and food consciously certainly is. We never know which of our small choices can create a ripple effect. Let us all take a few minutes before we make our choices, and let us all make those choices that are as conscious as possible.

We talked to the beautiful Sarrah Abdelrahman about her statement conscious expression at El Gouna Film Festival and this is what she had to say:

How did the idea (of wearing such a top) come to you?

I have always admired and respected the work Up-fuse does, and believe that I was one of their early customers. I believe in the cause and when the opportunity presented itself, approaching them with this idea seemed aligned with my beliefs and their brand. My stylists and I had discussed a day crop top. Then, when we brainstormed with Up-fuse and Esmeralda Radwan, the incredible designer, we decided on a red carpet look. It was a statement that I 100% wanted to make and I am grateful for how everything worked out.

What were the reactions you got on the red carpet?

Thanks to Esmeralda Radwan, people were admiring it for the design and did not notice the material at first glance. Everyone liked it, but the big reaction started building online after the pictures were out.

How do you think celebrities/influencers can contribute to raising awareness about sustainability and the environment?

I think being in the spotlight is a responsibility. And with climate change and how obvious the catastrophes of pollution are making their ways into our lives, it is almost our duty to work on being more environmentally friendly. Small changes can make a big difference and individuals do have an impact, so when celebrities start carrying around a reusable water bottle, it will have a positive impact on the environment.

What does “conscious expression” mean to you?

I know I am not perfect, but it is hard to ignore certain things when you know the impact of them. That’s why something like “conscious expression” makes me feel positive, as it can be incorporated into my daily life.

*Photo via @sarrahsworld

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