Introducing the New Up-fuse Collection: The Ripples

Came across our newest sustainable collection at Up-fuse yet? If not, then we’re are very happy to introduce you to our exclusive “ The Ripples” shopping bags and gym sacks!

Our Aim

Our aim from “The Ripples” exclusive collection was to create a creative collection of products to help reduce plastic waste and raise awareness about conscious buying as well as environmentally friendly practices. It’s no longer a luxury to start considering the environment and plastic waste in our everyday choices. Why is plastic bad? According to UN Environment, 1 million plastic bottles are produced worldwide every minute and 5 trillion plastic bags are produced yearly. The shocking part: more than half of the plastic we produce is designed to be used just once then thrown away. Our river Nile alone has 84, 792 tons of plastic waste.

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The Ripples Shopping Bag


Many of us might be well aware of all these figures and statistics, but start wondering about alternatives. One issue that comes up is that the alternatives aren’t always so appealing. That’s what inspired us, for this collection, to team up with the talented Farahzada El Shihy, who’s known for her fresh, bold and colorful designs for “Shop the Ripples”. It was a great opportunity to create a unique collection of new sustainable Up-fuse bags that send the message that being environmentally conscious isn’t the equivalent of boring or ugly; going environmentally conscious is a choice as well as a statement that you can proudly wear in style. The collection is made up of a shoe bag, laundry bag, gym sack, and a canvas shopping bag (both foldable and with a base).

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The Ripples Shoe Bag


So how can these multi-purpose bags help reduce plastic waste?

“The Ripples” Foldable shopping bag is an ideal replacement for the single-use plastic bags that most of us, unfortunately, rely on when going grocery or clothes shopping. The fact that the canvas part can be folded into the plastic base makes it very compact and easy to carry around. You can save loads of plastic waste at the mall or grocery store just be carrying this little bag with you. You can even use them for many other purposes: as an extra bag for your luggage while traveling, for short trips, or for going around the city. Here’s an interesting article on why you should use a canvas shopping bag more often.

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The Ripples Laundry Sack


The laundry bag and shoe bag are also a sustainable replacement for the plastic bags that we typically use to pack our everyday items. The laundry bag is waterproof to help you pack any dirty or wet clothes without any worries; it’s ideal for use at the gym, by the beach/pool, or simply to be left at the car to be used whenever. The shoe bag is a great alternative for single-use plastic to pack your shoes while traveling or when needing to carry them around in general, for example: for a workout or a short trip. The gym bag is another environmentally friendly alternative, but for your exercise essentials; you can simply throw in everything you need inside of it, close the drawstrings and get moving in style.


Make sure you check out the new, fun “The Ripples” on our website and add your favorite item(s) to your current Up-fuse collection of products or make it the first member of the family. We hope you always stay conscious of the choices you make and that we all work together towards a greener Earth.

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