Up-fuse x Very Nile – A Collaboration for a Cleaner Nile

Up-fuse is happy to announce our latest collaboration with Very Nile team to provide our exclusive bracelets made from upcycled (recycled) plastic. Very Nile is an initiative by Egyptian startups Greenish and Bassita that’s the first of its kind to develop large scale cleanups for the River Nile while aiming to raise awareness about environmental sustainability. Their launching event was on the 15th of December 2018 and they managed to collect 1.5 tons of trash from the Nile and its shores. Can you take a moment to guess what made up most of the trash? The answer is: plastic. And here comes our role at Up-fuse. 

We thought we’d use the plastic waste from the Nile cleanups and turn it into a wearable souvenir that can stand as a reminder of the cause and the importance of caring for our environment. We created a unisex bracelet that’s made of 3-4 upcycled (recycled) plastic bags!

Very Nile

The bracelet

The Process

The design process along with settling on a technique to implement it took us a period of almost six months. Transforming the upcycled/recycled plastic into the thick material that’d fit as an accessory for the bracelet was a challenge for us. Finding a technique that’d serve that purpose was a long journey; one that included multiple trials and errors and visits to local jewelry makers, artisans and carpenters. Eventually, we were able to find what we were seeking. We decided to use a small machine to cut multiple thin layers of plastic into small pieces. The 5-6 mm thick pieces are then sanded and polished, giving a marbled effect. Afterwards, they’re sent to the extraordinary refugee and incomer all-women Syrian artisans at our partner NGO NilFurat. The ladies are responsible for printing the “Very Nile” logo in white ink on the plastic pieces and assembling the bracelet together with ropes from the local market. 


Plastic – always the culprit… Photo courtesy of Very Nile


What We Loved

For us at Up-fuse, working on such a project is very exciting for multiple reasons. Firstly, getting to collaborate with a local initiative that aims at raising awareness about sustainability like Very Nile is an opportunity that we’re very proud of. Having such local initiatives is a step forward for raising awareness about sustainability in Egypt and encouraging more people to be more conscious about their everyday actions and decisions, which is the cause that got Up-fuse started in the first place. We believe that change starts by each and every one of us then starts to ripple till it reaches the level of society as a whole.

In addition to getting to collaborate with an amazing initiative, the process of settling on a new production technique for the bracelet was very enriching for us. We got to learn an innovative, revolutionary technique that’d help us develop our products at Up-fuse even further, opening up brand new markets and promising opportunities. We’re very looking forward to experimenting with it for other products!

Get Involved

In addition to helping upcycle 3-4 plastic bags by buying the Up-fusexVeryNile bracelet, the money you pay goes into funding more Nile cleanups by Very Nile and the production of even more bracelets.

Make sure you get your own little souvenir from the depths of Egypt’s River Nile and help spread awareness about the cause. Join the next cleanup by Very Nile by registering here.

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