The story behind the creation of the Mesh Collection

women behind the mesh collection

We learned early on in life, physics too, how every action has a reaction, and this is simply saying that everything that ever happens has an effect on other things in one way or the other. As we grasped on to this idea early on and decided to act towards sustainability, we realized that there’s more we can do that can help allow our action to be bigger and even louder! What better way to help sustainability than with inclusivity? In a world that doesn’t always include the visually impaired and expects them to work their way around what is there rather than coming up with ways to best suits them, we found a way just for them! Before Braille, visually challenged beings used to draw the letters to be able to write. This wasn’t always easy for them as it wasn’t created to suit their situation, at least that was the case until Braille was discovered. Now with technology things are easier spoken to them, but that’s on the virtual world, what about the real world? How can we help them sustain themselves? This is where Upfuse came in! We found a way to collaborate with ElNour W ElAmaal NGO, that helps visually impaired, mainly women, learn a handcraft skill that best suits them and opens up the opportunity to maintain an income through their own handcraft work. Here’s where we wanted to build on that, we partnered up with the NGO so we can produce a collection that is unique of its kind in how it’s made and how it looks!

Have you ever looked into the workspace of someone who produces for a living? Their works are virtually usually created in an atmosphere of joy, dignity, and respect and this what we exactly saw when working with the amazing, powerful women at El Nour W AlAmaal. The women we worked with there were working with a smile on their face as they felt that they were contributing in the creation of something that will reach the outer world. They were working with energy, joy, and definitely a spirit of confidence. Those same principles make their way into the very fabric of a handcrafted object. Consider that every inch of material that makes up a handmade product of our collection once ran through the Maker’s fingers, who created the item with thought and purpose. Who wouldn’t take extra special care of something like this?

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When you create anything, a piece of yourself remains in it. When you finish a piece of work, you take joy in it because you see yourself in it. When you buy something manufactured by someone else, you are mirrored in that purchase. Whether it’s the color, the texture, the form, or just the mood you’re in, an object manufactured as an expression of the creative spirit of the individual who made it is appreciated and valued far more than an item made for worldwide mass consumption.

Our Mesh Collection came to light due to the amazing, visually impaired women we had the opportunity to meet and to our own Lama ElKhawangy who was present during the production process and though these women a new method to aid them. Efforts of this amazing group resulted in a colorful collection that includes Tote Bags, Mobile Cases, Notebooks, Everyday bags , and Laptop sleeves. Each of these products is created using high quality material and unique patterns. All the efforts that you see today is a collaboration between us and some wonderful group of women. We were intentionally inclusive and hope you can be as well by supporting this group work more and produce more by buying from our wide range of products. We at Upfuse were honored to meet these women who taught us that life never stops and that they are all gifted in some way.

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