Up-Fuse Takes On A Thrilling Ride To Dubai Design Week


Being part of a 150 design-related event was really a tempting move to end up this year. With all the ups and downs we have been through across this year, Dubai Design Week was such a thrilling ride to polish 2016’s finish line.

We had Yara Yassin, Up-fuse’s Co-Founder, as the representative for our conscious expression brand at the design week. After a not so short flight round the corner, our presence in Dubai was fruitfully completed.


Monday Morning – October 24th 

The first day of the design week, exactly located in D3 Design District wasn’t so far from where we stayed. The ride to D3 was really joyful, driving through skyscrapers that would go up to 1919 ft. and all the way through the most lavish car brands in the world felt like its all staged. From a few miles away before the location, the Design District seemed remarkably well designed. By the time you are at the drop-off area you feel like you are in the place, where everyone is like-minded and dressed as sharp as it should be.


Courtesy of Cairo Scene

People going to and fro, strolling between the buildings where the six-days exhibition has been scattered to, all buildings are interconnected with pathways. The design week was mainly including product launches, exhibitions, installations and design talks. While five projects took place, the CAIRO NOW! CITY INCOMPLETE  was the one that had the Egyptian exhibitors in which Up-fuse was among them.


Easy accessibility and eligibility are the general standards of the Design District typically like the rest of the city; perhaps this is why Dubai is becoming a new hub for all types of designers. And its even getting closer and closer by the help of the Emirati government, you can really tell the amount of support and effort this government is putting in once you step into the city.

CAIRO NOW! CITY INCOMPLETE had a different nature from the other projects; the overtaking mood inside the platform was unique and expressive. Even the items being displayed were significant and meaningful, completely articulating what the city of Cairo is like and what is it lacking. In an incomplete city like Cairo the use of high-tech appliances, a modern décor or an extravagant interior won’t really work, however bringing the pieces together and using the natural resources to make it seem as messy and imperfect as possible is a perfect context to convey the art and design coming from Cairo. And this is how it was.

CAIRO NOW! included various Egyptian designers, some of them contributed as part of sharing their hobby with the world, while others contributed in favour of their business strategy and publicity.

Up-fuse was from the second group, contributing with its famous up-cycled plastic bags. The place was filled with colorful items such as the backpacks, tote bags, beach bags and cases. The traffic was well managed, while every now and then visitors came in and out asking questions or else observing quietly. With the reaction of visitors the spirit was above the roof. You can barely see the platform free of traffic.


Yara, our representative, was as usual bumping the place with good vibes and awareness; her well-organised presentation was on the going for curious visitors, school students, and even other exhibitors and the organisers themselves. A couple of interviews were running during the day and by midday Yassin was having an interview with Dubai eye  radio station. Which was mainly discussing how Up-fuse came to life, what is it exactly about, whom it serves and the social impact of the brand. You can listen to the interview here


Yara’s interview with Dubai Eye


Yara being interviewed

With so much pride Up-fuse had the privilege of joining this imperative event, not only for Dubai but also for the entire Middle East region. We were also fortunate enough to be able to showcase Up-fuse products at the Dubai Design District until the end of December, besides having a spot at the Urbanist concept store located in Dubai Box Park


And despite the hot weather of Dubai and the busyness of its roads in the rush hours, it upheld a perfect example of how to collect people from all over the world and create a multi-cultural spot with a Middle Eastern flavor that never fades away. Hoping that the Egyptian government might redirect its attention to the design base already existing in its cities and support them with the appropriate facilities and platforms.

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