Up-fuse Travels Around The World

Up-fuse has traveled the globe in September.

September was such a busy month for Up-fuse bags as they had to travel all around the world to be showcased in different events. And as our love for travel, we want to share our experience, inspirations, and journeys of our bags discovering new places and making new friends.
In the beginning of September, Up-fuse girls (Yara Yassin; the co-founder and Lama El Khawanky; senior product designer) traveled to Dortmund, Germany in a trip organised by the GIZ where we had the chance to show case the bags at Fair Friends Trade show. Fair Friends is a trade fair for sustainable lifestyles and social responsibility, gathering traders and producers from all around the world.  We were the only Egyptians representing Egypt in the ethical fair.

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What we have learned at Fair Friends:
1. Egypt can proudly bring creativity and design to the European market.
2. The economical crisis Egypt is going through, can actually become an opportunity for export as our prices are relatively cheaper than before.

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After the Success of the 3 days fair, the Bags and the girls traveled to Utrecht, Netherlands were they became part of Happinez Festival, an festival for yogis organised by the international Happinez Magazine. (Watch a video about the event here). The city of Utrecht was beautiful, and the festival had an outstanding peaceful vibe.

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“Although The Netherlands and Germany are very similar geographically and culturally, but both countries should be served differently in terms of taste and colors” Yara added.

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Up-fuse did not only showcase their products at the event, but also designed and produced flower pots made of our sustainable and upcycled material, decorating the flower pots the venue of Happinez event.

In Mid September, The bags had to travel again, but this time without the girls to Hamburg. In September 14, Pure Gold – Upcycled! Upgraded Tour Exhibition. The exhibition was organized by IFA (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) made its first stop in Hamburg. The bags has been showcased in the tour – if you are around Hamburg, make sure to pass by the Museum Fur Kunst where the bags are located. The tour will also pass to Bangkok, and more in South East Asia, check the tour here

In the meantime, Up-fuse bags traveled with the help of UNIDO Egypt under Creative Mediterranean Project to attend Momad Shoes Fair in Madrid, Spain. Up-fuse presented our signature Disco Bags, Ink cases and the Best selling Twin Collection.
“The international interest in our products make us excited to work even harder to put Egypt in the sustainable products map, while bringing opportunities to our artisans” Rania said.


Lama, Up-fuse senior product designer, has also added that “In terms of design, Egypt is not far away from the international scene. We are definitely far away in terms of technology, but there will be a solution to merge the gap.”
Lama has been enjoying selling her designs to people from all around the globe during this intensive tour.


The end of the month is approaching, and the bags are still in the Jet setters mode. On the 23rd of September, Yara had to travel all the way to the otherside of the world, to not only represent Up-fuse this time, but to present women entrepreneur in the Middle East.
The World Bank had invited Up-fuse co-founders to become key speakers in Women on the Rise event, where the World Bank CEO Christnalina had personally attended.

Yara talked about the challenges a Middle eastern girl faces as a business women – stressing that women are the main source of the problem. “We women tangle ourselves in the social norms that we don’t believe in just to fit in our society, if you just become who you are and believe in yourself – miracles will happen to us personally before anything else.”

It’s was a hectic month that definitely shows how hatnam is Up-fuse team is – we had to work overseas and speak 3 languages.

“Our passion and persistence to succeed made us stretch out our limits and learn a lot to accelerate in this short period” Yara added.
You can now find Up-fuse in 3 new stories in Germany, and still counting.

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