Up-fuse x Isra’a Ghazali launches INK Collection


Up-fuse loves experimenting with colors and materials, and since we support locals and appreciate art. Up-fuse collaborated with artist Isra Ghazali to spontaneously and expressively paint on our Organic fabric, coming up with these limited edition and made-only-once patterns. Providing you with a unique piece for your conscious expression.


Both Up-fuse and Israa share the same values of providing individualised items that, not only express how the designer or artist wants to communicate, but also what the receiver or consumer would like to feel and own as well. Keeping our values of ethical and slow fashion, we care that our supporters and clients know that what they own gives back to community and local talents. Read more about what is Slow Fashion vs. Fast Fashion here, and how this affects our society and our environment.


A little something about Isra

Isra Ghazali is a young Egyptian artist born 1993 Studied Cinema and Theatre Set and Costume Design in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo, and graduated class of 2015. Isra experiments different approaches with art and design. You can get in touch with her [email protected]


Meduim INK Case with Zipper


INK Cross Bag


Photography by Bashar Galal. Berlin, Germany

Together, and hand in hand we launched a line of small and medium cases, along with cross bags. Check out our collection in the video below, or you can shop for some of our INK pieces here

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