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Sustainable sketchbook, made out of 10-15 upcycled plastic bags with plain 120 gsm paper.

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This sustainable sketchbook is made out of upcycled plastic. Use it for jotting down any ideas that cross your mind, taking notes at work or school, sketching, or just about anything you want to use it for.


  • 120 gsm paper
  • Plain paper
  • Inner separator

Materials Used:

  • Made of 10-15 upcycled/recycled plastic bags
  • No dyes added to the upcycled/recycled material


All our products are sustainably and locally produced in Egypt. Want to know more about the people behind your product? Visit this page



None of our products look 100% alike, so please note that the product you receive may slightly differ from the picture. Each plastic sheet we use to make our products is unique, making each produced item one of a kind. Enjoy your individualized purchase!

Additional information

All our products are ethically and locally produced in Egypt.

We create our unique material from plastic bags that people have thrown away.

Want to know more about the people behind your product? Visit this page

Weight 0.675 kg
Dimensions 23 × 17 × 2 cm
Material “Sabi”

Imperfections made with love
Please be aware that our self-made material is handmade and therefore not perfectly smooth as machine made materials. We recycle each and every plastic bag ourselves, to reduce waste and save the environment. The material is very unique in its feel and look, which make the products so special. Our products are naturally having a rough surface with imperfections.


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10-15 plastic bags will be saved when you purchase this!


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