There are two types of people: people who make New Year’s resolutions and people who make fun of people who make New Year’s resolutions. Here at Up Fuse, we like any excuse to be re-inspired, re-motivated and recharged, so New Year’s resolutions are great in our book! Although we believe that change is great and having continuously growing ambitions is a necessity to keep up with our exceptionally fast-paced word, we believe that living a more sustainable life should be on the top of the list no matter the year.

We’re not asking you to change anything you’ve already planned to have a kickass year, but how about we twist our resolutions to cater to a more sustainable lifestyle? When we talk about sustainable living, we mean consciously deciding to reduce the resources we use up as a society, and more importantly, as individuals.

New Year’s Resolution One: Losing Weight 

The most common New Year’s resolution is losing weight and/or eating healthier! And there is no better way to kick start living a more sustainable lifestyle that taking the conscious decision to be healthier and fitter. When we talk about sustainability, we mean living today without compromising the lives of those who will come after us tomorrow, through reducing our carbon footprint, through reducing our waste and through reducing our consumption. So when you’re trying out a new vegan diet, or going up the stairs instead of taking the elevator, remember it’s not just to fit into that new dress but also because you care about your planet and its deteriorating status. Because we are part of this planet, we will eventually be the ones who have to deal with the negative impacts of our habits. 

Check out our favorite Raw Republic for fresh, tasty and filling juice (that’s not so expensive also!). Goodcals have great options for lunch and dinner. And to keep you motivated, join a clean eating group on Facebook!

And the fitness community is also booming in Egypt! Try a Zumba class that is sure to keep you smiling for a long time after at Hers or Jumping Fitness. Another option is joining a group to keep you motivated, like Cairo Runners or The Cairo Bike Scene. And when all else fails, you can hit the closest gym to you. (Here’s a list of all the really cool ones!)


Picture by Meanderings by Laila Sherif


Pictures by Meanderings by Laila Sherif

New Year’s Resolution Two: Travelling 

Another common New Year’s resolution is travelling and exploring, which is a great way to spend your year. But before you buy your plane tickets and book your hotel room, look around you! Have you travelled inside your own country? Explore the hidden places in your country, get back in touch with Mother nature to release the stress of the city (Wild Guanabana can help with that! Check out their Walk N’ Yoga Tours) Have you been to all the underground music hubs and the odd food places and the misplaced bookstores? We love ROOM Art Space for Music, Genghis Khan for the best sweet and sour and Sufi Bookstore for a relaxing atmosphere. Contribute to the national, local and domestic ecosystem. Invest in the community around you and invest in the sustainability of the local ecosystem. Skip the Starbucks and go for your local coffee shop for your next caramel macchiato. Go for Greco or Zach’s Cafe!


Picture by Meanderings by Laila Sherif

New Year’s Resolution Three: Consistency 

And finally, being consistent with a certain habit is another New Year’s resolution we set for ourself. We all have that odd resolution about doing something insane for 365 days straight, like writing or taking pictures. Tracking your habits and what you do on the daily is a great way to hold yourself accountable for your actions. But go digital! Everything is already virtual, might as well track, plan and document your progress on your phone and computer and save on paper, paper waste and paper production. The options are endless!

And now that we have those resolutions set and our motives clear, let’s be smart about achieving them! Break down your goals into smaller goals and set milestones to know your closer to achieving them, and celebrate your success (with a cool Up Fuse Twin Backpack). Remember to not overwhelm yourself, and prepare for the year to come. Your goals should be measurable and achievable within just one year. And finally, push yourself far, but know your limits.

Here’s to a fruitful, sustainable and productive year!

Pictures in this article are courtesy of Meanderings, by Laila Sherif. 

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