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Through our workshops, we aim to inspire creativity, promote sustainable practices, and empower individuals to make conscious choices in their fashion consumption. Participants gain practical skills, knowledge about sustainable fashion, and the satisfaction of creating something new from materials that would have otherwise been discarded.

Introduction to Upcycling: This workshop is designed to introduce participants to the concept of upcycling and its importance in creating a more sustainable fashion industry. Participants learn about the environmental impact of textile waste and how upcycling can transform discarded materials into unique and functional products.

Bag Making: This workshop specifically focuses on creating bags and accessories from upcycled materials. Participants learn how to design and construct bags using techniques such as pattern making, cutting, sewing, and adding closures and straps. They can create mobile bags, clutches, or other types of bags.

Textile Art and Decoration: This workshop explores the artistic side of upcycling. Participants learn techniques for creating textile art and decoration using recycled materials. This may include methods such as fabric painting, screen printing, stenciling, or fabric manipulation to create unique patterns and designs.

Upcycled Home Decor: In this workshop, participants learn how to transform everyday household items into stylish and sustainable home decor pieces. They explore techniques such as repurposing furniture, upcycling glass bottles into vases, creating wall hangings from fabric scraps, or making decorative items from discarded materials.

Upcycled Jewelry Making: This workshop focuses on creating unique and eco-friendly jewelry using upcycled materials. Participants learn techniques such as wire wrapping, beadwork, metal stamping, or resin casting to design and craft their own sustainable accessories.